Hello There!

That is me!

My name is Umang Dhingra. I am a sophomore in high school, and am the person behind this blog (obviously) . It is nice to see you here! The reason I started this blog is still particularly unclear to me. I love writing, but I have never had a diary. I am highly opinionated, but keep getting tongue tied in debates. And much to my own disappointment, I am highly introverted. So starting this blog, writing to and for you, is very new to me, very different for me.

Have you ever had that dream? Where you show up naked in school? I know i have. And yet, here i am, giving you all these words, so many emotions. These words are everything. Every A grade i have ever received. Every sports ball that has hit me in the eye. Every present under the Christmas tree. Every loud Taylor Swift song I’ve sung in the shower. This is about as naked as emotions get. So go ahead, read. You are looking at cyclones, heartbreaks, bad hair days, stupid jokes, old-school activism, and a lot sarcasm, all wrapped into one. Good luck?



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What is the point of having a voice, if all you are going to be, is silent?

Angie Thomas